Sunday, December 19, 2010


This is Alex. He's just 18 years old, a recent high school graduate. The sign he's holding says

Thank you SO MUCH!

Alex's mom is married to an alcoholic. There was a showdown at home last August and his stepfather said, "either the kid goes or I go." As it so often happens in an abusive home, out of fear, Alex's mom tearfully told him, "I'm sorry," and he found himself on the streets. In early September, he came to the city from a suburban town hoping to meet up with other kids and maybe find some work to do. Four months later, he's still on the street.

Alex tells me that he tries to keep a low profile so that he won't get roughed up by anyone. I took him into Dunkin' Donuts today for some food. He didn't want to take advantage of me so I had to play the mom card and order him to actually accept a full combo meal and not just a sandwich. He smiled shyly and asked if he could have a hot chocolate, too. My heart shattered. And yes, he got his hot chocolate.

I'm going to meet up with Alex on Christmas day and hopefully get him linked up with some people who can get him on the right track. He's a sweet kid with a whole future ahead of him. I might not be able to do much but I'll do what I can to help.

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