Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You Need To Leave, Ma'am

One Sunday, I stopped into a fast food restaurant for a cup of coffee.  Immediately, a woman called out to me from one of the tables, "Hey!  Buy me a fish sandwich??"  She was filthy and a strong, eye-watering odour emanated from her body.  I handed her a small gift certificate for the restaurant and said, "enjoy."  She got her sandwich, ate it quickly, then sat back down. 

A family came in and, offended by her body odor, complained to the management. A police officer was called to handle the situation and the woman was ordered to leave.  She quietly got up, slowly put on her tattered overcoat and walked out the door. Something about the scene just broke my heart.  This woman didn't ask to be homeless.  If she'd been wearing the "right" clothing and didn't have bad body odor, she wouldn't have been ordered to leave. I just couldn't believe it.

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